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General Knowledge Quiz  v.1.0

Test your smarts with General Knowledge Quiz where you will be rewarded with fun and knowledge. This game is a stage-by-stage challenge where you are required to answer a total of 10 questions each round.

General Knowledge Machine  v.32

Intelligent e-knowledge base engine for any kind of knowledge-based applications, supporting effective knowledge presentation, precise knowledge search, adaptive learning and immediate

Knowledge Box  v.0.52

Knowledge Box allows any web user to easily create, configure, and maintain an unlimited number of customizables and extensibles knowledge

Knowledge Elicitation Tools  v.0912

KNeTS (Knowledge Elicitation Tools) is a survey tool to create multi-agent models based on local knowledge using pattern analysis to identify rules that are iteratively validated with the informant. The final output is a knowledge-based multi-agent

Knowledge Explorer  v.1.0

A new front-end for the Protege ( knowledge management and ontology development software that mimics the "Windows Explorer" interface to make it easier to deal with RDF and similiar "semantic web" structured data

Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial  v.003

The Linux Knowledge Base and Tutorial (LINKBAT) is a web-based, unified knowledge base and tutorial with the goal of educating users about

Mirak Knowledge System (MKS)  v.1.0.5

MKS CORE SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT* Project and Knowledge Management System* Collaborative Messaging and integrated Workflow engine* On-line voting, scoring and reviews* Template based Project Creation* Tree-based Knowledge

Peruser knowledge application framewrk  v.b

Peruser is a open-source lightweight knowledge application framework. Peruser speaks XML and RDF and is implemented in Java. Peruser code runs within Cocoon, as a standalone webapp, as console programs invoked through ant, or as embeddable java

Spatial Knowledge Base  v.2.1.3

Spatial Knowledge Base is a web based application for storing and searching of archaeological sites information. The software was written to improve access to cultural heritage information though the use of digital archiving, search technology, and

Knowledge and Language Acquisition Model  v.1.0

The Knowledge & Language Acquisition Model (KLAM) will be a modular and useful software package based on psycholinguistic research and A.I. methods used to efficiently learn to comprehend (and maybe generate) natural language in a holistic manner.

Knowledge Workbench  v.0.8.6

The Knowledge Workbench is a real-time, Ajax based, distributed collaborative editing environment using arbitrary XML building blocks to capture information. These in turn can be stored in libraries and linked together to form hierarchical models.

GCP- Knowledge Database  v.1.0

The Knowledge Database is a terminal based software used to connect, fetch and display .txt files from the Global Community Portal Knowledge Database, it will eventually migrate over to a sufficient UI with more features.

Public Academic Knowledge Internet DB  v.1.0

PAKIDERME is a acronym for Public Academic Knowledge Internet Database Enviroment for Research and Much morE. The project aims to develop and provide an web system to provide access to public academic knowledge for use of schools and universities.

IKO (Interactive Knowledge Organization)  v.1.0

iKO (Interactive Knowledge Organization) - SKOS authoring made easy

Zeybek Knowledge Base  v.1.0

Knowledge management tool which is primarily designed for pdf files. The tool will let the documents get tagged either automatically or manually. Within the pdf archieve, a user will be able to retrieve desired documents quickly.

N4B Knowledge Management System  v.1.0

The N4B Knowledge Management System will pick up where contemporary office suites leave off. Users will be able to create and maintain dcouments and data within an intelligent classification framework using DAML+OIL, and share their content and knowledge

Knowledge Workbench 2  v.1.0

Knowledge Workbench is an AJAX based, collaborative DB environment using XML documents to capture data and relationships between the data. This is a new project in early development and based on the Knowledge Workbench project in concept and design.

CODIUS a simple knowledge sharing tool  v.1.0

CODIUS is a simple tool to ask for help/support in a collaborative environment such a knowledge intensive communities whose members have experience in different areas. This tool simplifies the knowledge sharing between the community members.

Enterprise Knowledge Base  v.1.0

The Enterprise Knowledge Base (EKB) from is a repository for enterprise knowledge: metadata, planning and governance. The EKB can manage and transform both structured and unstructured data as files, Eclipse-EMF or RDF ontologies.

Snippet Knowledge Base  v.1.0

A simple knowledge base to store little bits (snippets) of knowledge. Snippets of knowledge can be categorised and easily searched upon. Snippetkb doesn't have any fancy login system and simply uses mysql for storing snippets of knowledge.

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